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East Kilbride Home Cinema

Spring 2018

East Kilbride Home Cinema


This 4 bedroom modern home in the Lindsayfield area of East Kilbride had a problem in its living room.


The client wanted a large screen to watch movies, but didn't want to block out all the light, with a 75 inch TV in front of the window.


The solution was to install a 120 inch electric Projector screen, which could be hidden during the day behind a curtain pelmet. This was paired with a Sony Ultra HD projector to display the rich colourful images on the big screen. 


With the Picture sorted out, then we come onto sound. We installed a Dolby Atmos 360 surround sound system, comprising  four Kef Floor Standing Speakers, One Kef Centre Speaker, Two Origin Acoustic in-ceiling speakers and two Kef Subwoofers.

Driving the whole system was a Denon AVR, with an Oppo Ultra HD Blu-Ray player and Apple TV 4K.

At last the clients dilemma was solved, and they now have a flexible space to either sit and read or watch Movies on the big screen.


Who needs the cinema, when you have one at home.

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