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Video Conferencing 

Video Conferencing
Working from Home


Video conferencing has been around for a while now, but 2020 has been the year that it has been pushed to the fore.

With many employees now being forced to work from home, employers are having to find a new way of working.

This means that more and more employees will be now working from the cofinds of their own homes for the foreseeable future and possibly permanently. 

Boardroom and Office Setups


Boardrooms of all shapes and sizes can be transformed into video conferencing facilities with ease.

  • Small office

  • Huddle room

  • Mid size meeting room

  • Boardroom

  • Large conference room


All of these spaces can be connected to a video conference solution to suit its use.

Systems can be configured to use the customers system of choice i.e.

Microsoft Teams 


Google Meet

Video conferencing meeting room setup
Video conferencing from home
Home Setups


The home is the new office, whither its a dedicated study/office or just the dining room table, this is the norm for most office workers or Hybrid workers.

The fundamentals of this setup is based on the quality of the Webcam and Microphone. 

The inbuilt cameras and Mics on most Desktop/ Laptops or Tablets are of poor quality.

Having dedicated high quailty equipment will vastly improve all video calls.

Network is Key

The biggest issue in most home setups is the connection to the internet.

First thing to look at is the speed of your broadband connection. A Fast Fibre broadband is preferable for video calls.

Secondly the internal Network is key, this ideally will be a hard wired network cable or if not possible a full robust Wifi network.

We can design a network to suit you home or place of work to allow your video conference experience be glitch free.


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Microsoft Teams
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Video Conferencing
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