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Bridge Of Weir Data Network

April 2016

Bridge Of Weir Data Network

This 2 story house in the Bridge Of Weir area near Glasgow was like many homes these days full of technology which are internet dependant, but as do many home have just a basic Broadband router and many cheep wifi extenders to provide the house with access to the internet with poor results.


The client decided to change this and get a full data network and high powered Wifi network installed in the property.


This comprised of all fixed equipment IE TVs and games consoles being hard wired with Cat 6e network cable and all clients Sky and CCTV system to be house in a dedicted rack system under the stairs.


The Wifi network comprised of 3 High powered wifi access points positioned to give him the best over all coverage of the property,  all controlled by a wifi controller located back in the rack. Thus giving the client the best signal throughout the house and ending the constant internet problems most families with numerous children have.

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