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Bothwell Flat

May 2015 - August 2015

Bothwell Flat

This 2 bedroom Bothwell flat has just been newly built by a house builder, After the owner moved in he desided to take this flat up the next level and install a host of technology. 

We have installed a 6 room Sonos Hifi system, with all the Amps installed in a central hub Patch panel. Every room in the property has had Kef ceiling speakers installed.

In the Lounge a Samsung 65” 4KTV has been installed connected to Sky HD, Blu-Ray and Apple TV below.

IP CCTV camera has been installed at the front door and wireless alarm system has been fitted.

There is also a Nest Theromstat, and 3 Nest protect Co2/smoke detectors installed.

Cat 5 Data networks and Wi-Fi networks connect the whole house together.

All in all this is one full on flat with all the toys a man could ask for.


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