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IPTV Distribution

With the rise of Ultra HD TV or "4KTV", the traditional use of HDTV Matrix systems to distribute these pictures around a house has changed.

Matrix systems are great if all your TVs are Ultra HD quality, but as we all know, most houses will always have that old 720p TV in the Kitchen or bedroom, which is where the system falls down and all the TV will be watching at 720p instead of Ultra HD. Big problem!!!

The problem is now solved with the addition of IPTV Multicast.

The solution is simple. Every TV and HDTV source i.e Sky, Blu-Ray, Apple TV in the house, is linked to a Network switch via a Network cable and Encoders and Decoders are Installed at each end. This allows each TV to access the Full quality image that the TV can handle and not affect any other TV in the house.

Problem solved!!!

The system can be controlled via an App on your phone or tablet, with sources changed with a simple swipe or integrated into a Whole Home control system.

IPTV Multicast also has massive scaleability as well. So you can add pretty much as many TVs as you will ever need at any point in time without major surgery.

Also if you want a video wall, No problem, Thats covered as well.

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