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Flat Screen TV Installs

Take your TV from sitting on top of the furniture to being part of the house. 

Free up space in your lounge or bedroom by hanging your TV on the wall its rightful place.

From super Flat OLED or LED TVs. Any size from 15inch to 85 inch.

Install it flat on the wall or on a swivel bracket so you can watch in multiple positions in a room.

Hide all unsightly wiring from the TV to your Sky box, Blu-Ray, DVD or Games Console.

Why not push the boat out with the latest 4K Ultra HD TVs which are available now. These screens are now the standard for TV, which will give you that near-cinema quality image on a big scale in your own home.

Also with most TVs now being Smart TVs, Have them connected to your network and have the full range of On Demand services.


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